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5 ways medical cannabis can help you keep New Year's Resolutions.

January 04, 2017 by eboney Tags: new year, cannabidiol, anxiety, depression, weight loss.
5 ways medical cannabis can help you keep New Year's Resolutions.

We’ve sent 2016 on it’s way, and welcomed in 2017 with open arms. Some of us made resolutions to become better at time management, others, maybe dropping a few pounds, or exercising more to become healthier. The good news is, for most new year’s resolutions, cannabis can help! We’ve rounded up 5 ways that cannabis can help you reach your goals and keep your new year’s resolutions. 1.)Medical cannabis for weight loss. While most people think cannabis use comes with an inevitable case of the munchies, there are actually certain strains of cannabis that suppress appetite! These strains are high in THCV and Humelene. In the U.K., these strains are being tested for potential treatment of type 2 diabetes. 2.)Workout-induced muscle pain. After an intense weightlifting or elliptical session, you might leave the gym a bit tired and sore. One of the best and healthiest ways to beat that post workout slump is by using topical cannabis treatments high in CBD. These oils and lotions do not get you high, but they do help relax your muscles after particularly strenuous exercise. 3.)Staying focused and better time management. Strains of sativa are great for staying focused on tasks and better time management. Many professionals in creative fields credit cannabis use for helping them meet their productivity goals. By using cannabis, you brain becomes more receptive to new ideas, making it a powerful critical thinking tool as well. 4.)Quitting smoking. This one might seem a little strange, but using cannabis actually helps smokers give up their nicotine habit. In a study from Britain, smoking patients were given cannabidiol from an inhaler, and told to use the inhaler every time they craved a cigarette. On average, the number of cigarettes the patients smoked was reduced by 40%. 5.)Improved interpersonal relationships. From treating social disorders like anxiety and depression, to spicing things up in the bedroom, cannabis can help you improve nearly all relationships in your life. Many strains high in CBD can ease the symptoms of anxiety or depression, while products made with just three ingredients can provide increased sexual sensation without getting you high. And there you have it; 5 ways to include medical cannabis in your New Years resolutions! San Diego's only legal licensed dispensary, THCSD, carries products that can help with all of these resolutions, just ask your budtender. Got a resolution that isn't on this list? Come on in anyway, you’re bound to find something to help in our extensive selection of lab tested, safe, and affordable products. We’re looking forward to helping you become your best self in 2017, so come explore our Mission Valley store today. We're located just a short distance away from Qualcomm Stadium, on Camino del Rio South.

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