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Melon Gum was born with the crossing of Lavender and Bubble Gum, who pass on a combination of fruity flavors and vibrant bud coloration. Sweet notes of melon, strawberry, and lemon come together to create an intricate flavor profile that lends this strain its name. Melon Gum produces heavy yields following its 50 to 57 day flowering time indoors, and outdoor cultivators should plan to harvest during the September and October transition.

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CONSISTENCY At Moxie, we think of ourselves as something far more than simply the leading producer of superior-quality extracts.  What we do is in the service of a much larger and more critical mission: driving the research and education critical to ensuring that the value of cannabis in society is respected.  And the rights of those who need us most are protected and supported. PROCESS We maintain the highest quality through our Laboratory-Grade Three-Step Process.  Using better technology and strict safety standards, we remain committed to providing patients with the highest quality medicinal cannabinoids available.  Our innovative laboratory-grade three-step process utilizes pharmaceutical devices and follows strict industry practices. RESPONSIBILITY We're more than proud of the cannabis extracts we craft.  But our greater mission is to lead the way for medical cannabis research and ensure the highest quality products are accessible to anyone in need.  After all, if you're set on raising the bar for an entire industry, you need to make more than promises.  You need to make a difference. CARING We create and sell superior-quality extracts.  But truly getting better means doing so together.  Which is why what me make is a means to a much larger end.  We're committed to being a trusted partner to anyone who is suffering or working to eliminate that suffering.  Our success isn't measured in sales, but rather, in the number of people we comfort, in the social policies we help to enact, and in the medical research and breakthroughs we are proud to sponsor. EDUCATION We firmly hold education at the heart of our core values.  We ensure that our medical researchers have the resources and freedom needed to continue to unravel the complexities and further pursue the benefits of cannabis.  We provide our patients and customers with all the information they need to safely appreciate and enjoy our extracts to the fullest.  As the industry leader, we know that getting better means doing more.  So it's why together- with our employees partners and customers- we continually strive for a better world.

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