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Rove built the foundation of their company on honesty, simplicity, and transparency. Their mission is to provide
customers with great tasting vape cartridges and reliable and dependable vape pens. Rove proudly stands opposed to
the trend of exaggerated quality and misinformation within product test results. Rove wants their customers to know
they have their best interests in mind with every single step they take. They strive for excellence and are dedicated to
improvement. Welcome to Rove, where the best is always getting better. The enthusiasts behind Rove noticed the
cannabis industry’s growing interest in vape pens and cartridges. Already established in various arenas within the
marijuana industry, they looked amongst their peers and individually came to the same conclusion: “we could do a lot
better with more transparency.” In 2015, they quickly banded together to combine their wealth of cultivation,
extraction, and laboratory experience to create Rove. Their tremendous growth started on day one. Initially working
with a small number of outlets, their products were met with an uncommon enthusiasm.

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