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1:3 CBD:THC [15ml] (150mg CBD/330mg THC)


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Papa & Barkley’s 1:3 Releaf Tincture is a simple way to incorporate cannabis wellness into your daily routine. Made with just MCT oil and cannabis, you can find the dosage that works best for your mind and body. The MCT oil allows the body to metabolize the tincture faster, making it the quickest way to reap the benefits of the plant to help alleviate normal inflammation, find whole body relief, and sleep better . All Releaf Tinctures are made using a clean, whole plant infusion process to ensure all beneficial plant matter stays intact. Plus, their formula is 100% solvent and chemical free, so you know that everything you’re putting in your body is natural and safe.

For the fastest results, use the tinctures sublingually by putting your dose under the tongue and hold for 15 seconds until absorbed. Onset usually begins within 15 minutes to 45 minutes. *

When taken orally or added to a drink, onset begins within 45 to 90 minutes. Repeat as needed, taking into consideration onset times.

Store in a cool to room temperature setting and keep away from direct sunlight.

*We recommend consulting your doctor before using cannabis wellness products.

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OUR BEGINNINGS Our Releaf line was inspired by a son’s mission to ease his elderly father’s immobilizing back pain A condition that forced the family to place “Papa” in hospice. The original balm formulated in our founder’s kitchen eased his father’s pain and, in conjunction with other therapies, got Papa off hospice and able to return home. Our Company is named after Papa and the family’s loyal pit bull, Barkley, symbolizing the unconditional love and support that we hope to capture in the products that we make today. We are a family Today, we are a proud team of caregivers, scientists and professionals on a mission to unlock the power of cannabis to improve people’s lives. We make products for our family and yours.

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