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CBN is a cannabinoid known for encouraging peace and restfulness. Combined with THC, it is a powerful sleepytime tincture that leaves you feeling refreshed and alert in the morning. We recommend starting with 1/2 droppferful (0.5 ml) and increasing as desired.

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At Proof, we aim to make cannabis products more accessible and affordable. We first started making our CBD capsules and tinctures for friends, family, and other members of our medical collective, and saw amazing results. When we went into dispensaries though, it always shocked us to see the expensive prices for CBD. We decided we could do it better, and much more affordably. Proof products offer all the same benefits you're accustomed to with clean, healthy, cannabis-derived CBD at a reasonable price. Not from hemp: What we make at Proof is something very different from a lot of the other CBD products available. It's a whole plant extract from high-CBD cannabis plants, meaning you're getting a range of beneficial bioactive compounds, which together constitute the "entourage effect." This refers to CBD being delivered in a more naturally occurring form, when its effect on your body is at full potential.

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