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Outco 20:1 Tincture (peppermint)
809 mg CBD and 33 mg THC per bottle breaking down to aproximently
10 mg CBD/ .5 mg THC per serving (12 drops)

Place dose on tounge or if easier place on spoon to ensure proper dosage
swallow for longer lasting results or leaving under tounge for faster results

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33.13 MG





We could brag about our Ph.D.s, cutting-edge equipment and superior growing methods, but it’s our passion to push ourselves and the entire cannabis industry that is the driving force behind everything OutCo. Beautifully. Crafted. Science. The Science Behind OutCo We care about the cannabis you use, so we’ve invested in top-notch talent and equipment to bring you the finest flower and extracts available. Our in-house scientists raise the bar every day, and we share a great deal of that knowledge with our peers and customers. Research. Innovation. Elevation. For everyone.

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