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Indoor gown: Marijuana reaches its full potential indoors, free from pests where atmosphere and nutrients are 100% in our control. Devil's Lettuce is an indoor only brand!

Hand-trimmed: All Devil's Lettuce Flower is hand-trimmed ensuring that each and every nugget is inspected before the testing and packaging process begins.

Affordable: Devil's Lettuce is high-quality flower is inexpensively packaged to keep the retail price affordable. Devil's Lettuce is a brand hell-bent on providing a top quality $10 gram.


100% Flower: Only 100% flower goes into our Devil's Lettuce Pre-Rolls. Go ahead, unroll one... now unroll one of theirs.

Two-Doob-Tube: All Devil's Lettuce Pre-Roll tubes are filled with 2x .5g joints. Two joints for the price of one?! Perfect for sharing because "A friend with weed is a friend indeed."

Anti-run: Consistency is key! All Devil's Lettuce Pre-Rolls are pre-ground to the perfect consistency using custom screens and processes. The pre-rolls are then stored in a humidor as the perfect humidity until it reaches store shelves.


High Terpene Content: Some of the tastiest, most aromatic, terpene-rich extracts are produced daily in the Blue Roots Laboratory. We work to produce solvent-free 

Glass Jars: Glass jars allow Devil's Lettuce Concentrates to be visible through the packaging in all their glory. Glass is much easier to scrape the remnants from the bottom without carving the would-be plastic container.

Cryogenically Extracted: Extracted at extremely low temperatures through small micron filters strips the lipids, fats, and waxes from the extracted material. This 'dewaxing' process ensures that the end product is clear of any unwanted residuals. 

Solvent-less: All Devil's Lettuce Concentrates are tested thoroughly for residual solvents and are deemed solvent-less before going to market

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