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Honey Pot is an award winning brand that offers infused honey, craft cannabis-infused topicals and aromatherapy vaporizers. Honey Pot's mission is to provide widespread relief and are committed to creating products that meet the needs of everyone in the cannabis community. We have been involved in multiple areas of the cannabis industry and are eager to continue collaborating with other cannabis enthusiasts.

Our Story

As a second generation cannabis farmer, I have nearly twenty years of experience working with this wonderful plant. The story of Honey Pot began in my home kitchen in the summer of 2012. The business of cannabis was changing and I saw an opportunity to build a brand that could help people. Combining cannabis with honey, coconut oil, teas and essential oils, I created a line of products with that in mind.

Thanks to cannabis and a lot of hard work from friends, family and myself, together we built an award-winning brand with a mission to spread the truth about cannabis and break down the stigma of cannabis use.

2018 brought change to California's laws and the way we do business. I am grateful to have built strong relationships over the years which led me to a partnership with Greenfield Organix. We now manufacture Honey Pot at a state of the art cultivation and manufacturing facility in Monterey County.

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