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“Rule with the heart of a servant, serve with the heart of a king.”

Three Kings Empire offers cannabis products that exude purity and potency, taking the cannabis community to new highs and surpassing all expectations. The Three Kings Empire motto, “Rule with the heart of a servant, serve with the heart of a king” is demonstrated in everything Three King Empire provides. The team puts the integrity of their cannabis products before all, and with humble and caring hearts craft their line of concentrates and prerolls. Welcome to the Royal Family.


Years ago in a Los Angeles, California medical marijuana dispensary, a shop owner grew dissatisfied with the level of quality vendors provide. He longed to improve standards in the medical cannabis industry and usher a new dynasty for the marijuana community of southern California. Those aspirations bloomed prototypes; with a team of other impassioned professionals within the cannabis industry, he fine-tuned his products until they reached the peak of perfection. In 2017, Three Kings Empire launched, revealing their first round of quality cannabis products.

Feedback was vital for Three Kings Empire. The team worked hard to get their prerolls into shops throughout the Southland, and although some were reluctant at first, after giving their prerolls a couple of puffs shop owners were instantly onboard. The positive response for Three Kings Empire prerolls was immensely motivating. The team was excited to continue stocking shops with premium prerolls and extractions. Today, Three Kings Empire strive to live and work by their motto, while outfitting all who are 420-friendly with prerolls and extracts fit for royalty.


Every product on the Three Kings Empire menu was individually designed to help their patrons achieve freedom. Through their high-quality cannabis products, the Three Kings Empire team empowers the marijuana community to take their happiness and well being into their own hands. With purity at the forefront of their process, their extraction artists take every measure to ensure the integrity of their products. The team creates their extracts without the use of CO2, propane, or any other chemicals; and their state of the art machine yields solvent-free concentrates with maximum potency without compromising any impeccability.


Purity is the priority; all Three Kings Empire products are pesticide, solvent, and additive free for an authentic smoking experience. They offer several blends of prerolls, filled with premium flowers then adorned with wax and kief.

Another jewel of the Three Kings Empire crown is their concentrates. Their extraction artists create shatter, crumble, and live rosin, each crafted from high-quality flowers and contain the essence of the strains used. No matter which Three Kings Empire product you choose, it is sure to provide tokes and dabs worthy of your highness.

Lab Testing

The Three Kings Empire team are dedicated to delivering premium products with quality assurance. They are proud to offer lab tested cannabis provided by SC Labs, and all Three Kings Empire products are screened to guarantee purity and accurate potency.

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