Medicating with Edibles 101

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With so many companies creating new edible ways to medicate, it can be exciting to want to try them all. There’s delicious cookies and brownies, decadent chocolate bars, sweet mints, and even medicated granola! There’s so many choices, it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start.

Starting off with a small dose, or at most, the recommended dosage amount on the packaging, is probably the safest way to go for beginners. After you eat the medicine, it’s best to wait at least two hours to know if you’re feeling the effects or not. After two hours, if you’re still not feeling the effects, you’re in the clear to take a little more. But remember, just a little. You can always eat more, but once you’ve eaten it, you’re strapped in for the ride.

Medicating with Edibles 101 1

So just how big is a dose, anyway?

It all depends on the type of edible you’re consuming, and your tolerance level. If you medicate several times a day, every day, you’re probably going to want to eat a bit more of the edible than what’s recommended on the package. But if you medicate very rarely, or you’re new to taking edibles, it’s recommended that you start off with very small doses, potentially smaller than the recommended amount. After you’ve medicated a few times at a certain level, if you’d like to up your dose, do it incrementally. If you started out with 15mg doses, don’t jump to 30mg. Instead, increase your dose by 5mg at a time.

Another option for easing into the world of edibles is microdosing. This means delivering a very small amount of THC into the body at a time. We sell edibles that carry as little as 2.5mg of THC, and up to 1,000mg of THC. But for microdosing, we’d definitely recommend the 2.5mg. These small doses are easy and discreet enough that you can continue to medicate throughout the day, without getting too high. You can get to a comfortably relaxed headspace by microdosing through the day, which might be good for getting in the groove when you’ve got a work project to power through, or an evening of household chores to finish.

All in all, finding the right dose for you takes time and experimentation. If you are prone to anxiety attacks, it’s recommended that you have a trusted friend with you to calm you if you end up eating a little too much for comfort. If you do end up eating too much of an edible, remind yourself that the effect will eventually wear off, so stay calm and know that you are not in any danger. Also, when experimenting with higher dosages, it’s a good practice to keep some cannabidiol (CBD) products around, to help you come down a little quicker if you need it. CBD is a compound in cannabis plants the weakens the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or the compound that gets you high. There are also CBD only edibles, for when you want the body effects of THC, without the head high.

If you’re looking to try edibles as your primary medication, talk to your representative at The Healing Center, to find the option that works best for you. We have a wide array of edibles to choose from, with varying levels of CBD and THC. You can find us at 3703 Camino Del Rio South, right off the 8 freeway. We have plenty of parking, and are open from 9:00AM to 9:00PM daily.

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