THC and CBD molecular structures.
THC and CBD: Making Smart, Practical Choices

With the dramatic increase in cannabis legalization, both medical and recreational access to cannabis products is becoming a possibility for a growing number of citizens. Knowing the benefits available from each of the major cannabinoids makes us smarter consumers.

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The three principles behind your minimum effective dose.
Finding Your Minimum Effective Dose – The Art Of Starting Low, Going Slow And Staying Low

For the vast majority of patients choosing cannabis, there will be a therapeutic dose of cannabinoids that will be below a dose that gets you high- this is referred to as your Minimum Effective Dose (or MED). If you’re a patient using cannabis as a medicine, it works to your benefit to find the lowest dose of cannabinoids that will bring the relief you’re looking for.

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Selecting cannabis flower & infused oil for microdosing.
Cannabis Microdosing Made Easy

Microdosing often gets brought up as today’s world shift in cannabis acceptance has us reinventing the wheel, but with a greater understanding of how the body interacts with cannabis. Before prohibition, no one even knew we had endocannabinoid systems (or ECS). Along with this new knowledge we have testing and imaging choices the world hadn’t even dreamed of in the 1930s that allow us to see how effective our dosing is.

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