Our Company

Lumpy’s Flowers started over 15 years ago in the wine country region of Northern California. Inspired by the surrounding environment we wanted to produce unique cannabis flowers that have a distinguished taste, great effect, high potency, and unmatched smoothness.

Lumpy’s Flowers is home to our exclusive in-house strains such as Apple Fritter, Sour Apple Haze, Reckless Rainbow and many others. These strains allowed medical patients to ease their pain and suffering while also being able to enjoy their medication. New strains are constantly being developed and tested for future releases.

Lumpy’s Flowers takes pride in producing hand crafted cannabis flowers. We will continue to pursue new and amazing genetic selections. Be on the look out for new flavors in 2018 and beyond!

Our Team

We unified as Lumpy’s Flowers with the intention that our brand would promote a positive, active, and healthy lifestyle. We embrace our responsibility to affect change within the industry and allow our passion to fuel creativity and forward momentum.

Every member of our team shares an unwavering commitment to excellence, vowing to uphold our values of honesty and integrity, which serves us best in developing genuine and trustworthy relationships through our interactions. In this way, we hope to educate society through the example we set in order to transform the perception of our community.

Our Promise

Our primary goal is to ensure you are completely satisfied with every Lumpy’s Flowers purchase you make. We believe the cornerstone of our company is our high-quality product and customer satisfaction, and we vow to provide you both with enduring consistency.