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  • Cranberry Sage [750ml] (60mg THC/120mg CBD)
    • Cranberry Sage [750ml] (60mg THC/120mg CBD)
    • Cranberry Sage [750ml] (60mg THC/120mg CBD)

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    • $60.00
    • Party of 30, please. Tart and a touch savory, this winter seasonal big ol’ bottle of roadie juice was made to entertain. Designed to take your cocktail party and elevate it almost to a party party (but no body shots, please). With all-natural ingredients and a microdose of 2mg THC, this limited edition Cranberry Sage social non-spirit will entertain you (and 29 of your friends) through the cold winter months ahead. And you’ll thank us when none of you are hungover the next morning.
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