The Edible Calculator: A Step-by-Step Guide to Smarter Cannabis Cooking

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Using the Edible Calculator

This handy edible calculator can provide estimations of how strong your portions will be based on the THC & CBD percentages of your cannabis. 

In order to use this edible calculator to its full potential, you’ll need to know the weight of the cannabis you’re planning on using along with its THC & CBD percentages.

Here’s a breakdown of the terms & a guide to help you along the way:

  • Material: Each bit of cannabis flower or extract that you add is classified as a material.  Enter the weight of the cannabis product you’re adding (measured in grams) along with the THC & CBD percentages.  The edible calculator will automatically add your first bit of material into the equation.  If you’re adding multiple cannabis products as we’ll do in our example, just input another batch of materials by clicking the Add Another button.
  • Portions: This is the desired number of portions you’d like to make.  This is a necessary step to analyze what to expect from an individual dosage.  The edible calculator will also provide you with the total mg of both THC & CBD in your entire batch as well as the CBD:THC ratio.

Here’s an example:

  • I’ll add the indica to the edible calculator first:
material 1
  • Next, I’ll add the hybrid extract:
material 2
  • Finally, I’ll add in the CBD flower:
material 3
  • I’m planning on making 30 brownies with this infused oil, so I’ll put 30 in as the portions.
  • The edible calculator crunches the weights & percentages to tell me that I’ll have 1,020 total mg of THC & 340 total mg of CBD for a total of 1,360 mg of cannabinoids in my batch. Each portion will have 34 mg of THC & 11.3 mg of CBD for a total of 45.33 mg of cannabinoids- which may be fairly strong depending on your personal tolerance levels.
  • Just below the mg readings, the edible calculator tells me that I’ll have created a batch that’s 1:3 CBD:THC.

Play around & experiment with the calculator to determine the strength of your edibles.  Remember that while you can decrease the number of portions to increase the dosage strength, it’s generally a better idea to start with a lower dosage to avoid going overboard.

Have fun & happy cooking!